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Dare 2 Be "Selfish"

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

There are many theories that say being selfish is absolutely necessary in order for you to live a healthy and dynamic life. Self care above all else enables you to give back to others in a more intentional and heartfelt way. People, including parents and society often tell us that being selfish is bad and we are conditioned to put the needs of others before ourselves. But, is being selfish such a bad thing?

Stay true to yourself, the time is now.

Most people think of being selfish as lacking consideration of others, and putting your needs before everyone elses. This is not the kind of selfishness that I am referring to. The kind of (good) selfishness I am speaking of is where you clear a space in time just for you to take care of you. In doing so, it allows you to be good to others because you have taken time out to be good to yourself.

To accomplish this you will need to throw out the old mindset of always saying "yes" to things that do not serve you just for the sake of the approval of others. By doing this, it will allow you time to nurture yourself through a little self care without the feeling of guilt.

Though this new mindset of selfishness may feel uncomfortable at first, stick with it and continue to practice using this new found muscle. As the saying goes, "Practice makes perfect". Once you get comfortable with being selfish you will feel more balanced and fulfilled in your daily interactions with people and in life. #DareTribe What's holding you back from being (good) selfish?

I would love to hear your thoughts on your relationship with being (good) selfish...good, bad or otherwise. Please comment below and go out there and #Dare2Be!

Video Credits: Your Tango Expert Blog- There's a big difference between giving to yourself and being in yourself. Here's how you can give to yourself:



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