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coach d

Hello Everyone!!!

My name is Deanna Breaux Gathe, also known as

"Coach D".


Professional Training:

 I am a Certified Professional Coach  trained by the Co-Active Training Institute  in San Rafael, California.

Known as one of  the oldest and largest coach training organization in the world, Co-Active Training Institute (CTI) has trained more than 62,000 coaches worldwide and has also trained employees in over a third of the Fortune 100 companies.

CTI’s Co-Active Coach Training Program is widely recognized as the most rigorous coach training and certification program in the industry.

Background  Information:

As far as I can remember, I have always had a deep curiosity about people and different cultures. While attending college, I became a Flight Attendant and learned very quickly how to effectively work with people from all walks of life and life experiences.

After obtaining my degree, I began my  career in marketing and sales, working  for Showtime Networks.

I have owned a diverse group of  companies in the real estate, interior design and retail space.

A fun fact about me  is that I was selected to be one of the recurring On-Air Interior Designers for

TBS’s hit show, Movie and a Makeover. 

Even though I enjoyed working in each of  these careers, coaching has been the most fulfilling and  is truly my life's calling. Through my coaching practice, I am able to help others discover a deeper connection to self and to the world. My speciality is working with people who are ready to embrace change and are in need of  support throughout the process.

My coaching practice uses the highly regarded Co-Active coaching model which encourages participants to stretch their thinking, get out of  their comfort zone, and to embrace new forms of personal growth.  

If you are seeking personal growth and greater  fulfillment in life, I am here to assist you throughout  your journey!


It's time to let go of who you were  

to become all that you can be.

    I do what I do...


As a transformational coach, my objective is to guide you into becoming the best version of yourself, through the removal of old  fear-based patterns and replacing them with new innovative tools. I bring authenticity, courage and an open heart to all my coaching sessions.


My mission is to encourage you by using  different techniques enabling you to become fully engaged in your life. Being fully engaged means understanding and embracing who you really are, not who you think the world wants or expects you to be.  I will assist  you in becoming more present in daily life, enabling you to unleash your full potential. 

Are you ready to step boldly into embracing your authentic self and begin living  your best life?

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