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Dare 2 "Accept New Beginnings"

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

New beginnings are either something we look forward to, or run away from.

But, how do we cope in the midst of a new beginning that was not expected or we did not ask for? It's really rather simple. We should embrace new beginnings with the excitement and curiosity that we once had as a child. Having this excitement and curiosity will help us to find what truly makes us happy allowing us to create a life that is supremely significant. It opens our lives up to new and exciting experiences, by embracing the unknown and trusting the process.

What you appreciate, appreciates - Lynne Twist

Be open to new beginnings and believe that you have a greater purpose for being here on this earth at this time. Doing this allows you the opportunity to continue on your path eventually leading you to exactly where you need to be. When you resist this process of being open and give in to your Sabotuer (because you are in control, it feels comfortable and very familiar), we immediately shut down all new possibilities and opportunities.

I challenge you today to reintroduce yourself to the world, and embrace a new start ----- one that welcomes new beginnings and let's the world see your most daring and courageous self. Set a new course for yourself by first stating your vision, get into the rhythm of your intention, and trusting yourself enough to know that you are taking the right steps.... for you!

What new beginning is calling you?

#DareTribe I would love to hear your thoughts on your relationship with being (good) selfish...good, bad or otherwise. Please comment below and go out there and #Dare2Be!

Video Footage: Steve Jobs explains in his remarks that "often times a new beginning feels like an awful tasting medicine, but it's exactly what the patient need[s]". He goes into detail about his rise and fall and rise again in his life changing and impactful career. What would have happened if he just gave up and decided not embrace his new beginning? Watch, learn and be inspired!

(via Steve Jobs’ motivational speech at the Stanford graduation ceremony: Start Up Stories

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